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The Buddleja Garden is a website about Buddlejas with original content and aims to provide useful information for both gardeners and plantsmen. There are pages on species, hybrids and cultivars that I have grown particularly those that are hardy (or nearly hardy) in the UK. There are pages on how to look after your Buddleja and grow new ones from seed or cuttings. And some handy links to National Collections and other useful sites.

There is an ongoing comprehensive list of B. davidii cultivars and hybrids and a complete list of species Buddleja. I also keep a Buddleja Diary with new entries each month keeping track of Buddlejas through the year. There are pages on the latest hybrids called Lo and Behold and Flutterby, a work in progress as I have only just started growing some of them. Mostly they are small, non-invasive Buddlejas.

Any suggestions or questions, then please e-mail me.

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Buddleja Diary 2019

Lastest entry 8th October 2019

Buddleja Diary 2018

Last year's diary

Buddleja Diary 2017

2017 in The Buddleja Garden

Buddleja Diary 2016

2016 in the BuddlejaGarden.

Buddleja Diary 2015

The Buddleja Garden through 2015

Buddleja Diary 2014

2014 Buddleja Garden Diary.

Buddleja Diary 2013

The 2013 Diary.

Buddleja Diary 2012

2012 in The Buddleja Garden.

An Introduction to Buddleja davidii

Some general information.

My Buddleja davidii Cultivars

Some of the B.davidii cultivars I have personally grown, with images.

All Buddleja davidii Cultivars

A Comprehensive list of B.davidii cultivars, text only.

Growing and Propagating Buddleja davidii

Handy Hints on propagation, planting, pruning and feeding.

Pruning Buddleja davidii

A guide to pruning in spring.

Growing B.davidii from Seed

Advice on how to collect seed and grow your own unique plants.

Buddleja x weyeriana hybrids

A comprehensive description of these popular hybrids,
a cross between B.davidii and B.globosa.

Van de Weyer's Original Report

From 'The Gardeners' Chronicle', 1920.

Breeding a Yellow Buddleja

An essay about Buddleja Breeding.

Species Buddlejas

There are over one hundred species,
these are the ones I have experience of growing.

An Organised List of Buddleja Species

All the species organised by location and type with Wikipedia links.

The Buddleja crispa Complex

Details about the Buddleja crispa group of species and hybrids.

Buddleja globosa

A Description of Buddleja globosa and the related Buddleja araucana.
Revised June 2014.

Buddleja Hybrids

A Description of a few interesting hybrids, crosses between various species.

Lo and Behold Hybrids

Details on these diminutive hybrids from the USA, sometimes known as 'Chips'.

Flutterby and Hinebud Hybrids

All bred by Peter Podaras,
called Flutterby and Dreaming (Hinebud) Buddlejas.

Buddleja Links

National Collections, Nurseries and Information.


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Recommended books about Buddlejas

Royal Horticultural Society Plant Collector Guide - Buddlejas by David D. Stuart.

A few errors but overall an excellent introduction to the genus.

Link to buy from Amazon.co.uk

Neotropica Vol 81: Buddlejaceae by Eliane Norman

The monograph on the Buddlejas of North and South America.

Link to buy from Amazon.co.uk

The butterfly animations are from http://www.sevenoaksart.co.uk. Click on one if you want to get rid of them.

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