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The Buddleja Garden is a website of original content about the genus Buddleja, which aims to provide useful information for gardeners, plantsmen and botanists. The site is designed to offer comprehensive and practical information on the various Buddlejas grown in gardens. There are pages on the different species, as well as pages about garden cultivars and hybrids of Buddleja davidii. There is a comprehensive listing of the B. davidii cultivars and hybrids, which is probably the most complete and up-to-date list of garden cultivars available.

I have grown many of the plants described on my own plot and I tend to focus on those plants that are hardy (or nearly hardy) in the UK climate.

There are pages on how to look after Buddleja, how to prune, and how to grow new ones from seed or cuttings. There's also a page with some handy links to National Collections and other useful sites.

I keep a Buddleja Diary, which I started in 2011, with new entries throughout the growing season about my own plants and any Buddleja news I come across.

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Buddleja Diary 2024

New post - 19th June 2024

Buddleja Diary 2023

Buddleja Diary 2022

Buddleja Diary 2021

Buddleja Diary Archive

All the happenings in the first ten years of The Buddleja Garden

Buddleja image
Buddleja image

An Introduction to Buddleja davidii

Some general information.

My Buddleja davidii Cultivars

Some of the B.davidii cultivars I have personally grown, with images.

All Buddleja davidii Cultivars

A Comprehensive list of B.davidii cultivars, text only.

Growing and Propagating Buddleja davidii

Handy Hints on propagation, planting and feeding.

Pruning Buddleja davidii

A guide to pruning in spring.

Pests and Diseases

Descriptions of some problems you may encounter.

Growing B.davidii from Seed

Advice on how to collect seed and grow your own unique plants.

Buddleja image

Buddleja x weyeriana cultivars

Details of these popular hybrids.

Van de Weyer's Original Report

From 'The Gardeners' Chronicle', 1920.

Breeding a Yellow Buddleja

An essay about Buddleja Breeding.

Buddleja image
Buddleja image

Species Buddlejas

There are over one hundred species,
these are the ones I have experience of growing.

An Organised List of Buddleja Species

All the species organised by location and type with Wikipedia links.

Identification Key

Identifying the commonly cultivated species.

The Buddleja crispa Complex

Details about the Buddleja crispa group of plants and their hybrids.

Buddleja forrestii & B. macrostachya

A description of these two species, and how to tell them apart.

Buddleja globosa

Details on Buddleja globosa and the related B. araucana.

Buddleja image
Buddleja image

Buddleja Hybrids

Some interesting hybrids, crosses between various species.

Lo and Behold® Hybrids

Details on these diminutive hybrids from the USA, known as 'Chips'.

Flutterby® and Hinebud Hybrids

All bred by Peter Podaras,
called Flutterby® and Dreaming (Hinebud) Buddlejas.

Buddleja Links

National Collections, Nurseries and Information.

Frequently Asked Questions

About the status of The Buddleja Garden.
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Search and Sitemap

A map of the site.


This website is cookie-free. However, The Buddleja Garden is not responsible for the content of third-party links.

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